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Mobility of international students coming from higher education

institutions in the Ukraine




Candidates from Ukraine, admitted in Preparatory Year, Session  July 2022



Students enrolled in higher education institution in Ukraine who have been forced to leave conflict areas can continue their studies at the University of Craiova.

The request to continue studies at the University of Craiova will be made by sending the following documents:

-copy of a valid identity document;

-application for the issuance of letter of acceptance to studies, duly filled in and signed

-documents certifying the statute of student at a university in Ukraine (residence permit, student card in hard copy or electronic, transcript of records etc.), or a declaration that the corroborative document will be presented shortly

If the candidate does not have the study documents it will be evaluated according to the procedure of the institution for credit recognition.

The documents will be sent by e-mail to the following address:


Language of study

Study programmes taught in Romanian

Study offer for Bachelor’ Degree

Study offer for Masters’ Degree

Candidates may apply for a study programme taught in Romanian provided that they have completed and obtained a graduation certificate for the Romanian Language Preparatory Year or they hold a Romanian Language Proficiency Certificate – B1 level or higher.


Study programmes taught in foreign languages

Study offer for Bachelor’/Masters’ Degree in foreign languages 

A foreign language proficiency certificate is required if a candidate cannot submit any supporting evidence pertaining to the fact that he/she has previously attended courses taught in a specific foreign language. This requirement shall not apply to candidates originating in countries whose official language is the language in which the study programme will be carried out.


Candidates from Ukraine who want to apply to first year of study in the academic year 2022-2023 shall comply with the following procedures:

Candidates from Ukraine who are romanian ethnics shall comply with the following procedures: