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Mobilitati in cadrul acordurilor interinstitutionale





University of Craiova has more than 60 bilateral agreements with universities from all over the world and the majority of them are dedicated to students exchange.

Students of universities that have signed bilateral agreements with University of Craiova that stipulate exchange of students, are welcome to undertake short mobilities of study at University of Craiova in the framework of these agreements which allow students to carry out study periods and take exams with the status of Exchange Student, for one semester or for the entire academic year.

In order to apply for a mobility within a bilateral agreement, the application file will be sent to the Department of International Relations, via e-mail at:


The following documents are required:

  1. Nomination letter from the home university (from a professor or from a member of the International Relations Office, stating that the student is nominated for a mobility within the general cooperation agreement);
  2. Recommendation Letter(s), optional;
  3. Student Application Form (duly filled-in, signed and sealed by the sending institution);
  4. Application for the issuance of Letter of Acceptance to studies; 
  5. Birth certificate – certified copy or certified translation at notary public (in Romanian, German, English or French, if the original is not issued in one of these languages);
  6. Passport copy – valid for at least 6 months after the date of issue of the Acceptance Letter;
  7. Photocopy or authenticated copy of Certificate of Enrollment (issued by the applicant's home institution);
  8. Official Transcription of Academic Records (issued by the applicant's home institution);
  9. Learning Agreement/Study plan (signed by the coordinator of host institution and the coordinator of the mobility from home institution)
  10. Medical certificate (in a widespread language) attesting that you not suffer from any contagious diseases or other illnesses;
  11. Language proficiency certificate. Exempted are the candidates coming from states whose official language is the study language of the programme they have applied for.


Language Support

The University of Craiova provides incoming students with free-of-charge Romanian language courses, taught by permanent staff of the Department of Applied Modern Languages. Upon the completion of these courses, students can either receive a certificate of attendance or a grade (5 ECTS). Moreover, incoming students are provided with language support for administrative procedures, where required. The development of their Romanian language skills is also encouraged by means of other academic activities.

Romanian language course

Registration form for the Romanian Language Courses 


Department of International Relations

Phone: +40 251 419 030