Looking for private partners - proposal

University of Craiova, Romania is looking for Romanian or Norwegian private partners for a research proposal we plan to submit on Norway Grants call 2019 – Collaborative research projects (https://uefiscdi.gov.ro/eea-grants-proiecte-colaborative-de-cercetare).

            The proposal with the title “Improving cancer Diagnostics in flexible Endoscopy using Artificial intelligence and medical Robotics (IDEAR)” has the main objective to develop an advanced prototype of a medical platform to increase procedure success rate, decrease the patient’s radiation exposure, and reduce procedure cost for early detection and treatment of malignant tumors.

            University of Craiova (UCV) is the most representative research and higher education institution from the Oltenia region of Romania. The University of Craiova is a public institution founded in 1947, counting more than 1,100 teaching staff members and more than 30,000 students. INCESA Institute, part of the University of Craiova, is currently one of the three largest Romanian organizations of applied research. It was designed to support the regional evolution of R&D infrastructure and activities according to the institutional strategy of the University of Craiova that will enhance: integration to the European research networks; compatibility with the EU research infrastructure; multidisciplinary research capacity.

            University of Craiova will participate in the proposal with LMME (Laboratory of Microtechnologies and Medical Engineering), a state-of- the art new medical research & development facility part of INCESA Institute, with highly skilled and experienced personnel like scientists, clinicians, engineers and business professionals. LMME has extensive international expertise in biomedical engineering with participation in many national and international research projects including the last project they managed with the same consortium, funded also by the EEA program.        

- Type of partner sought: SMEs, Hospitals, Research Institutes,

- Specific area of activity of the partner sought:

1. cancer diagnosis and treatment during medical procedures like endoscopy and bronchoscopy using hybrid imaging and navigation systems with electromagnetic and optical guidance, and experience in developing and testing these systems,

2. software development for medical imaging including artificial intelligence for imaging processing and automatic diagnosis, and deep learning algorithms development for precise automatic positioning/orientation using video images.

- Field of expertise/experience:

We are looking for private partners with impressive experience and results in medical research field, with strong background in medical imaging, software development, medical robotics, cancer investigation and treatment and clinical procedures like endoscopy and bronchoscopy.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought:

1.1 software development for medical imaging platform with electromagnetic and optical tracking,

1.2. system definition and testing of the imaging and navigation platform in a clinical environment on phantoms by experienced clinicians in liver/pancreas and lung cancer

Deadline for expressions of interest: 14.12.2019

            Interested SMEs/hospitals/universities/research institutes will contact the proposal leader for details: Prof. Dr. Eng. Lucian Gruionu on gruionu.lucian@ucv.ro or the Research Department of the University at Universitatea din Craiova, Str. A.I. Cuza, nr. 13, Cam. 427, cod postal 200585, Craiova, Romania, E-mail: icst@central.ucv.ro, Tel: +40.251.413844, Fax: +40.251.418803;  http://www.ucv.ro/cercetare/

Știri@UCV - 11.12.2019