Summer Schools at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is pleased to launch this year 4 new Summer Programs. Thanks to it is experts and professors, all the students will discover unusual topics at the heart of the capital of Europe! 


1. Summer School  "Chocolate, the sweet Belgian art" (11 – 15 July 2016)

Chocolate is one of Belgian specialties amongst many others and also the most popular! The students will enjoy this yummy programme through various and different aspects – they will also be surprised how significant the impact of chocolate is on our everyday life.

Information & registration:


2. Summer School “The Body: from the Head to the Toe” (11 – 15 July 2016)

Body and Health will have no secret for the students thanks to the programme. As a matter of fact, Vrije Universiteit Brussel has a strong expertise on research about health and body.

·         How the body is perceived in and by society: case of euthanasia

·         Fatigue and influence of several factors and effects

·         Beauty and Impact on our perception

·         Cognitive Performance

·         Being physically (in)active and consequences

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3. Summer School - Clash! Brussels between the IN and the OUT situation in Belgium and Europe (18 – 22 July 2016)

Even if this is a small territory, Belgium is rich in terms of culture, community, diversity and linguistics. Also, considered as the Capital of Europe, Brussels has a particular position where all these differences can lead to conflicts at the Belgian and European levels. Due to this extreme specific situation, clashes might happen. How do the stakeholders deal with? What are the outcomes? The students will find more information on

4. Summer School - Biotech in Brussels: where Biology meets Technology (25 – 29 July 2016)

If the bachelor students are fascinated by the biochemical unity that underlies the world’s biological diversity, this programme is definitely made for them. They will learn, for instance, how biotechnological research leads to applications that solve societal challenges. More information about the programme and registration are available on:
Should the sturdents have any questions or requests, they can contact Guillaume RAVIER at



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