Reasearch main fields of DMA members are: study of evolution processes (ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems), differential geometry (classical, Finsler-Lagrange-Hamilton, foliations), algebraic topology, mathematical modeling, partial differential equations, applied programing, functional analysis, optimization and control, theoretical mechanics, mathematical physics, composite materials.

In the period 2001-2017 DMA members published 185 papers in journals and proceedings ISI ranked and 205 papers in BDI journals. There were over 300 prezentations to international conferences and symposia. All these papers where cited 1505 times, 446 citations in ISI ranked journals. DMA members are reviewers for 47 de journals ISI ranked and members in 3 editing boards for math journals.

DMA members published 20 de mathematical monographs with Romanian publishers  and 2 monographs with foreign publishers. 71 university courses and manuals were published. In 2015 DMA published the volume “Qualitative Study of Differential Equations, Geometrical and Dynamical Aspects of Some Mechanical Systems, Numerical Treatment, and Applications”,  Ed. Universitaria, Craiova , authors  Boureanu, M.M., Dăneţ, C., Diamandescu, A., Ionescu, A.J., Militaru, R., Munteanu, F., Popescu, G., Popescu, M., Popescu, P., Racilă, M., Vladimirescu, C.

In 2017 DMA launched the series of “Monographs  in Applied Mathematics”, by publishing the first volume  “Complements  of  Hyperbolic  Mathematics”,  by  prof. dr. Trandafir  Bălan.

DMA members expertise was used in coordinating as director for 10 research grants and as member in 91 research teams for national and international grants.

Scientific events organized by DMA :

  • “Nonlinear Dynamics”, International Workshop, September 26-27, 2014, Sinaia, participants from Belarus, Brazil, China, Romania, Slovenia.
  • “International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods”, April 14-16, 2016, Craiova, participants from Canada, France, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Hungary.
  • “Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Applications”, April 16-17, 2016, Craiova, participants from Belarus, France, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Spain.

In  2016 was founded within DMA, ”Research Center, for Education and Promoting Mathematics in Science, Technique and Society (CCEPM)”, approved by University of Craiova Rector’s Decision, nr. 80B/23.02.2017.

Here are some of CCEPM goals: promoting scientific education;  scientific cooperation, technological and scientific creation with universities and research institutes from Romania and abroad; initiating and running research programs inter and multi-disciplinary in competence domains, by participating to national and international financing contests; training of young faculty members and master/PhD students for scientific research and applications; continuous training of experienced researchers; promoting results of scientific research by national and international conferences, symposia and various publications; technical and lab assistance to all educational and research programs that run in the University of Craiova.