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Empower It Socially!

Activity 4.3 – “Young People in Action”

Between 9-16th April 2013, OSFM – The Student Organisation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Craiova implemented the training course Empower It Socially (EIS). EIS is funded by the programme “Young People in Action”, Activity 4.3, and benefits from the participation of 21 young people from 7 countries: Slovenia, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. The training course had as main objective the use of informal education methods and techniques in order to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of students, the 21 young people being trained in the field of social entrepreneurship. The training course also has the aim to promote social entrepreneurship as a means of fighting the negative effects triggered by the high unemployment rate among young people. During the course, the 21 young people identified solutions to promote the participation of young people with limited opportunities to the development of the community where they live, by starting initiatives which comprise elements of social entrepreneurship. Moreover, the training course facilitates the creation of new partnerships and wants to develop ideas of projects targeted at young people with limited opportunities.