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Hostels and Canteens Administrative Directorate is organized and functions based on the Decision of the Board and implements the policies and strategies adopted by the university management, the existing laws concerning the administration of the university premises.

Hostels and Canteens Administrative Directorate mission is to ensure efficient administrative management targeting:

- Continuous optimization of the administrative activities of the university and increase of their efficiency, in compliance with legal regulations;

- Development, modernization and diversification of materials, so as to create better conditions for carrying out administrative acticities and for the administrative staff;

- Motivating staff by improving working conditions, work organization, through refresher training and material stimulation under the conditions of the law;

- Cultivation of individual responsibility and applying the principles and values of university ethical conduct;

- Ensuring an atmosphere that includes the deterring all forms of discrimination and promoting cooperation in the university space;

- Promoting fairness and objectivity, which considers respect for fair and objective criteria of evaluation and promotion, accuracy and democratic character, eliminating all forms of abuse, promoting equality of opportunity for the employees of the administrative service;

- Ensuring transparency of the decisions through which the Administrative Directorate and Hostels-Canteens undertake to apply a fair treatment of all its members in regard to the promotion, provision of gradations of merit and prizes;

- Cultivating individual and collective responsibilities involving mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation, accountability and division of work;

- Appreciation and recognition of individual merit, providing support to those in special situations, cultivating altruism, kindness, politeness, solidarity, solicitude, promptness and positive attitude.