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HRDP Regulation of Organization and Functioning


1.1 Mission

The Human Resources – Payroll Department has the role to coordinate and solve problems on ensuring the efficient use of human resources in the university, consistent with the institution’s human resources policy and regulations.

The main responsibilities of The Human Resources – Payroll Department:    

  • recruitment, selection, hiring and promotion of staff;
  • management of the employees’ personnel files;
  •  remuneration;
  • job evaluation and personnel;
  • training and career development of staff;
  • communication with internal and external environment in matters relating to human resource management.

1.2 Relations with other departments

  • hierarchical, of subordination: Manager - Chief Operating Officer.
  • Functional: all faculties/departments/directorates of the University of Craiova.
  • Collaboration:
  • Internal: Vice-Rector Offices, Chief Operating Officer, The Legal Department.
  • External: The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport; The National Agency for Employment; The Department of Statistics; The General Directorate of Public Finances; Other local and national bodies.



2.1. The Human Resources – Payroll Manager:

  • According to the dispositions of the University of Craiova’s manager, the payroll manager solves the problems of staffing and payroll thereof, as required by the law;
  • applies the approved legislation regarding the salaries of teaching, support and executive staff, inside the institution, and makes proposals for their improvement;
  • coordinates the work to establish the required teaching, support, research, and execution staff, according to the legal provisions and decisions of the University’s Management;
  • at the indications of the University’s Management the payroll manager coordinates the activity of recruitment, selection and work promotion;
  • cares for the annual staff evaluation made by all the heads of the departments;
  • he/she is responsible for the organization  and functioning, according to the law, of the technical commissions of employment and promotion of the teaching and support staff performance;
  • according to the dispositions of the management and the legal provisions he/she coordinates the preparation of the position sheets for the teaching, auxiliary,  and execution staff;
  • proposes to the collective management body the jobs and professions with harmful or hazardous conditions for which wage increases are granted.
  • he/she is responsible for the distribution of gradations of merit, according to Law. 1/2011 and Law no. 63/2011 for teaching and support staff;
  • coordinates the proper and timely preparation of payroll wages and other rights and works to promote proper positions;
  • he/she is responsible for the timely preparation of retirement files for the employees who qualify for standard retirement, either according to Law no. 263/2010 (for the auxiliary teaching staff and production staff) or Law. 1/2011 for the teaching staff;
  • prepares the job description sheet and sets its own work tasks of the subordinated staff;
  • targets the University Management’s decisions concerning personnel matters;
  • is concerned with strengthening work discipline, notifies the management of the institution about malpractice, proposes the disciplinary and organizational measures to be taken;
  • approves applications for employment within the Directorate and participates as a member, in the exams or competitions organized for this purpose;
  • keeps track of correspondence addressed to the service and monitors the compliance with the backlog;
  • attends the meetings of the University’s Senate and the Board of Directors of the University of Craiova, at the dates established by the management of the institution;
  • prepares the centralizing statements and the annexes of the position sheets of the teaching, support and execution staff;
  • draws up the vacant teaching positions proposed for contest.

2.2. The Human Resources Compartment

  • keeps track of all the staff in the University (personal files, archive files);
  • draws the appropriate personnel work activities for work framing and promotion, delegation, sanction or termination of the employment contract;
  • keeps in touch with the Labour Office regarding the vacant positions to be distributed to the people;
  • performs the work necessary to grant degrees, professional steps, bonuses for seniority or uninterrupted work in the same unit, as well as promotions;
  • draws all the necessary documents for promotion in leadership positions, reservation of teaching positions, declaration of the base to another employer, according to Law 53/2003, article 35;
  • draws up the position sheets for the auxiliary, research and execution staff;
  • draws up appropriate work coverage of the hourly payment for the vacant teaching positions;
  • draws up the necessary work approvals for the persons signed up in competitions organized to fill the teaching positions, for those taking the form of professional development through doctoral studies, for those requiring trips abroad and issues appropriate certificates, if applicable;
  • draws up the documents required for the limited retention in higher education or research of the graduates;
  • establishes and maintains the Electronic Register of the Employees (REVISAL);
  • carries out the research work for any irregularity committed by the teaching, support and execution staff;
  • prepares the electronic records of the employees’ activity and supplements them with the changes;
  • calculates the total and uninterrupted seniority in the same unit or in education for the granting of stability increases, according to Law. 1/2011 or the collective labor agreement;
  • prepares the files for the age limit retirement, invalidity and survivorship pension and submits them within the statutory period, to the County Pension Fund;
  • drafts, highlights and communicates the decisions of the Rectorate regarding personnel issues; concludes employment contracts and communicates with the stakeholders;
  • draws up appropriate work to grant degrees and professional stages in order to submit them for the approval by the University Management;
  • prepares at the proposal of the heads of the departments, with the approval of the law enforcement, the lists of jobs and of the jobs with harmful or hazardous conditions for which wage increases are granted;
  • current issues.

2.3. The Payroll Office

  • Checks the files of associated teachers that provide hourly payment activity;
  • prepares payroll wages, with the calculation of the rights and wage obligations for:  the basic position, the overlapping of positions, hourly payment, research contracts, medical leaves, holidays, other wage rights;
  • calculates the amounts relating to the teaching practice of the students;
  • operates in the payrolls the wage garnishments;
  • draws up the lists for the granting of luncheon vouchers;
  • prepares payroll slips;
  • draws the monthly earning sheets for all the employees with a workbook and for the associated personnel;
  • prepares tax returns for the income from the basic position and outside the basic position;
  • forwards the D112 statement, regarding the obligations to pay taxes and the compulsory social contributions to the State social insurance budget, the Unemployment social insurance budget, the Health social insurance budget and the records of insured persons and, where appropriate, of the related amendings;
  •  develops wages centralizations and wages recapitulations, on calculation items, for each type of activity: Basic financing, Own revenues, Hostels-Canteens, SCDA Caracal, SCDP Valcea, Research, Publishing House, Projects from external grants.
  • calculates the contributions due by the employer for each type of activity: Basic financing, Own revenues, Hostels-Canteens, SCDA Caracal, SCDP Valcea, Research, Publishing House, Projects from external grants.
  • draws up Proposals for employment expenses and Budget commitments on calculation items for each type of activity;
  • Prepares the payment authorization of the wages;
  • issues certificates;
  • other current issues.

2.4. Informatization Statistics Compartment

  • centralization of the statistical data or statistical statements submitted by the faculties and services and their advancement to the tutelary forum or to other competent bodies;
  • analysis, design, development and maintenance of the software for preparing the payrolls;
  • design and maintenance of the management programs on personnel records databases;
  •  implementation and maintenance of databases tracking the health insurance funds, pension, unemployment, voluntary pensions for the employees of the University;
  • implementation and maintenance of the programs for the development of tax records for the University staff;
  •  development of various statistical statements required by the University management;
  • monthly preparing of the work regarding the wages, by department;
  •  tracking the cards supply of the University’s employees with the monthly net incomes and their distribution to relevant banks;
  •  preparation of the centralizers regarding the monthly consumption on salaries, by faculties.



The present Organization and Functioning Regulations can be amended and supplemented according to the legislation entered into force after its approval.

The staff is responsible to know and enforce the legislation specific to the compartment’s sphere of activity.




Name / Title


Date of revision

Type of revision


Procedures for the termination of the work contract





Procedures for determining the wages of the salaried teaching and support staff according to O.G. 8/2000 with subsequent amendments and supplements, and the salaried executive staff according to O.G. 24/2000, with subsequent amendments and supplements.





Procedures for the employment of teaching staff





Procedures for hourly payment and the cumulation of vacant or temporarily vacant teaching positions





Procedures for the drawing up and approval of the list of positions





Procedures for preparing payrolls





Procedures for the sanctioning of auxiliary and non-teaching (execution) staff





Procedures for the time worked beyond the normal working hours





Procedures for workbooks management





Procedures for the completion and submission of the declarations of assets and interests at the University of Craiova





Procedures for the evaluation of auxiliary and executive staff,  degrees promotion and professional stages





Procedures for the recording of attendance, leave, consent and recoveries





Procedures for the certification of staff and non-teaching support staff (execution) at the University of Craiova





Archiving procedures





Penalization procedures for the teaching staff





Procedures for periodic evaluation of the auxiliary staff in order to provide differentiated wage increases





Procedures for filling vacant  auxiliary teaching and execution positions


MAY 2012



Procedures for granting merit gradation for the support staff