EducationDistance Learning System Organization Regulation

Organization and Functioning Regulation of the Department for ID - FR (DIDFR) Programs




  • Art. 1. The organization and functioning of distance learning (ID) and reduced frequency (IFR) systems are regulated by the National Education Law no.1 / 2011 and the Law no.288 / 2004 on the organization of the university.
  • Art. 2. Foundation, functioning, mission and objectives of the Department for ID FR (DIDFR) Programs comply with the Charter of the University of Craiova.
  • Art. 3. The study programs offered by distance learning (ID) and those offered by reduced frequency education (FR) are coordinated and monitored by the DIDFR in collaboration with the university departments, ensuring compliance with the requirements of Ordinance no. 75/2005 regarding the quality assurance of education, approved by Law no. 87/2006 amended and supplemented.




  • Art. 4. DIDFR offers undergraduate degree programs, organized in the forms of distance and reduced frequency education, and masters degree programs organized in the form of reduced frequency education.
  • Art. 5. Reduced frequency education is characterized by activities dedicated to particular courses of synthesis and applied training, programmed regularly and compactly and assuming the direct encounter, in the university, of the students with the teachers, complemented by other specific means of distance learning training.
  • Art. 6. Distance learning education is characterized by the use of specific electronic information and communications resources, self-learning and self-evaluation activities completed by specific tutoring activities.

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