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OSPPEC Projects     

The Student Organisation of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (O.S.P.P.E.C.) is an NGO which was founded 22 years ago on the 10th May 1990; its aim being to run projects for the young people in the South-West Oltenia region and to defend the rights of the students enrolled at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Craiova, in front of the Dean’s office, at the local level in front of the University of Craiova, at the national and international level.


O.S.P.P.E.C. is a founding member for:

The Convention of Student Organizations – University of Craiova: acronym: C.O.S. – U.C.V., it is the federation reuniting under the same name all the student organizations in the University of Craiova centre.

The National Union of Students in Romania: acronym: U.N.S.R., represents the non-governmental student federation defending and supporting the students in Romania and their rights at the national level in front of the Ministry of Education, Research and Sport, and at the international level.

O.S.P.P.E.C. also encourages competitiveness among the young people in Romania and in other countries, with a view to developing a team spirit of the different skills needed for future employment, when graduating, such as: communication, negotiation, project management, etc.

During the 21 years of activity, O.S.P.P.E.C. has run numberless projects on different themes, for the students and young people in the University of Craiova centre, and not only for them. These projects developed at the local, national, even international level, having at their basis the civic society, volunteering and a wide range of fields, ranging from the academic one, to the social and cultural ones, and to the environment. A few such projects are:

  • Coupe Robotique
  • Volunteering = Surely Employed;
  • The Career Guide;
  • The Freshman Ball;
  • For a Better Future. A Fulfilled Dream;
  • Our Students Can Do More;
  • Help Them from the Little You’ve Got;
  • Young Entrepreneurs in IT;
  • The Europe of Young People from Dolj;
  • A Fresh Start: Let’s Get Ready for Our Perfect Job!;
  • Participate! Develop! Enjoy!