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Foreign lectorates

The University of Craiova admits the importance of direct contact with native speakers of foreign languages and constantly invests in creating new opportunities in this regard. Based on bilateral agreements or participating in international academic cooperation programmes, the University of Craiova can send lecturers of Romanian language and civilization to partner universities and receive foreign lecturers within its lectorates. They are an important part of the internationalization process of the University of Craiova, playing an important role in terms of removing cultural barriers and familiarizing young students with issues more or less known, specific to a foreign civilization.

The University of Craiova currently operates three foreign lectures coordinated by native speakers originally from France, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Technological equipment (TV, VCR, a copy machine, a computer and a printer) and the library of every lectorate allow deployment of high-class teaching:

  • elective courses of Bulgarian and Macedonian language and civilization for students in years II and III;
  • initiation courses in communication pedagogy, civilization and contemporary French, written and oral expression and specialized legal French courses;
  • annual events dedicated to international holidays;
  • annual competitions for scholarships to summer courses of the University of Sofia and in Veliko Tarnovo, or the University of Skopje.


French lectorate

The French Lectorate was founded in 1969 and has functioned ever since, serving students and teachers from the Faculty of Letters and the university. Currently the lectorate is led by Claire Gobaille. The lectorate library has a rich and varied collection of books (6,500 books) and benefits from 10 subscriptions to various magazines.


Lectoratul  bulgar 

The Bulgarian Lectorate has worked since 1976, starting with 2010, and it is led by Assoc. Prof. Kiril Yoicev Ţancov, a lecturer with extensive experience in teaching Bulgarian to foreigners. The lectorate’s library has a book fund of more than 800 volumes of linguistics, literature, history, civilization, dictionaries, technical books etc. and a rich collection of DVDs and videotapes.


Lectoratul macedonean 

The Macedonian language and culture lectorate has worked since 1975 and is currently led by lecturer Milica Petrushevska, under whose activities are conducted the activities of Macedonian culture and civilization. The lectorate has a varied collection of books, comprising over 700 volumes and a rich collection of DVDs and videotapes.