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EU countries

According to Law 316 / 12.07.2006, the citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation have access to education under the same conditions as the Romanian citizens, including what regards tuition fees.

Candidates who have obtained high school fnal degrees in another European country than in Romania must obtain validation of studies from the National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (CNRED) of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MECTS) which will equate studies carried out in EU countries for citizens of EU member states, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation, and issue an equivalency certificate.

The files for recognition of studies abroad will be sent by courier/post to M.E.C.T.S./C.N.R.E.D. maximum 15 days before the end of the enrollment entrance examination (registry date M.E.C.T.S.). Only after receiving the certificate of recognition of studies one can enlist for the opted faculties.





Ministerul Educaţiei Naţionale

Centrul Naţional de Recunoaştere şi Echivalare a Diplomelor