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CRID Mission

Is that of ensuring fairness and equity in the recognition and/or academic equivalence of study periods carried out by students from other higher education institutions in the country or abroad, in compliance with the law.


CRID tasks in the procedure of recognition of study periods

a) establishes additional documents that may be requested from those provided in article 4;

b) evaluates files recognition of study periods or submits them for evaluation by specialized teachers, as the case may be;

c) may propose for approval by the university management a panel of teachers with expertise in a field different from those held by members of CRID, with the following tasks:

• evaluating files recognition;

• communicating assessment results;

• recommendation from the evaluation, of registration of the applicant corresponding to the academic year or non-recognition of previous studies;

d) inform the chief secretary with the evaluation result.


Chief Secretary:

a) will communicate the outcome of the evaluation conducted by the CRID or specialized committees;

b) will submit for approval of the decision by the university rectorfor the registration in the university year accordingly for the applicant;

 c) completes and updates the database of students who have benefited from the recognition of study periods.


Recognition file

1. application form – a standard form which is available on the CRID website;

2. certified copy of baccalaureate degree obtained in Romania or, if there is the case, the statement issued by the specialized department within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the recognition of access degree to higher education obtained abroad/letter of acceptance for studies;

3. certified copy of bachelor's degree or master obtained in Romania or, where appropriate, the statement issued by the specialized department within the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, recognition of access degrees to doctoral studies obtained abroad/letter of acceptance;

4. the document, an apostille or certified, as appropriate, indicating the school situation for the years of education and training, which contain disciplines, notes, number of credits / number of points and the number of classes for each subject issued by the higher educational institution from which the applicant and certified translation into Romanian;

5. syllabi for the subjects in the higher education institution from which the applicant comes as may be the case, and certified translation into Romanian;

6. certificate of proficiency for language of teaching and examination;

7. certified copy of birth certificate and identity document or passport, and where may be the case, certified translation into Romanian;

8. Certified copy of the certificate of marriage, if the name written on the study documents does not coincide with the ID card, and, where appropriate, certified translation;

9. Affidavit that earlier studies were not interrupted as a result of expulsion due to violations of the code of ethics and deontology of the university of origin.


CRID Commission

President:       Associate professor Gabriela Eugenia Iacobescu, PhD – Faculty of Exact Sciences

Members:       Associate professor Mircea Zăvăleanu, PhD – University Chief Secretary

                       Associate professor Monica Tilea, PhD – Faculty of Letters

                       Associate professor Titela Vîlceanu, PhD – Faculty of Letters



CRID premises

University of Craiova, hall C445

Craiova, str. A.I.Cuza no.13, 200585 CRAIOVA

Contact person: Associate professor Gabriela Eugenia Iacobescu, PhD



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