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Department of Quality Assurance


In accordance with Art. 162 of the University of Craiova Charter, The Department of 0 (DMC) undertakes the mission of organising and monitoring the process of periodic review and assurance of education and scientific research quality at the University, in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Assurance Code.


General objective

Throughout its entire activity, DMC aims at establishing a policy of quality in the teaching process and research, consciously obeyed by the members of the academic community.



In accordance with Art. 164 of the University of Craiova Charter DMC’s main objectives relate to:

a) apply the University strategy and policy related to quality;

b) set and apply the criteria and the methodology of periodical assessment of quality;

c) disseminate the information regarding the quality assurance policy and the quality standards applied in successful European universities;

d) the periodical evaluation of graduates’ and employers’ opinions concerning the quality of the university educational services on the base of which it shall initiate debates on these matters in the University Senate;

e) the regular audit of the manner in which faculties meet the demands imposed by the social, economic and cultural environment;

f) to monitor the application of the student-centred education principle;

g) to counsel the university organisational structures in the process of drafting the documents submitted to the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS)

h) to submit proposals regarding the increase of the graduates’ insertion on the labour market, on the basis of the annual statistics issued by CCOP;

i) to monitor the application of quality standards and the legal provisions in the field of education and university research quality assurance;

j) to draw up the institutional quality self-assessment reports.