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Presentation of the Department of European Funds


DFE’s mission consists of a general stimulation of the activity of elaboaration and implementation of the projects for acceassing European funds through the POS DRU programmes (Sectoral Operational Programme of Human Resources Development), POR (Regional Operational Programme), POS CCE (Sectoral Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness), POSDCA (Sectoral Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development), POS Environment (Sectoral Operational Environment Programme), PNDR (National Rural Develpoment Programme), PO Fishing (Fishing Operational Programme), Territorial Cooperation Programmes(Transborder, Transnational and Inrerregional Cooperation), and also other European programmes.


DFE’s objectives are: a. The increase of the visibility of the University of Craiova as an institutional actor in attracting European funds at regional, national and European level;

b. training and development of human resources involved in the development and implementation of European projects;

c. the initiation, promoting and counselling inter and multidisciplinary collaboration for creating and implementing European projects;

d. increasing access to European funds in the next programmed funding through the European Social Fund 2014-2020


DFE is run by a Director appointed by the Rector, after consulting the Board of Directors
of the UCV. In the work done by the DFE Director DFE, he is advised and benefits from the
technical support of a DFE General Secretary, appointed through the decision of the DFE Director. DFE has subordinated Units for Accessing and Implementing European Funds (UAIFE) constituted through the decision of the DFE Director at the level of the faculties of the University of Craiova, one from each faculty.