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Technical Directorate Director

As the director he/she contributes to the strategic and daily management of the University, runs through subordinate services, decisions taken by the academic authorities regarding Technical Directorate. In accordance with the law, initiates and carries out activities aimed at improving the effectiveness of University resources management, takes actions to obtain additional funding resources. He/she has the overall responsibility regarding the effectiveness of all subordinate services and is responsible for staff management, managing technical issues, he/she is responsible for initiating investments, monitoring them, maintenance and management of real estate assets.

Investment Service

Investment Compartment

  • - programmes investments, reconstructions, rehabilitation, capital repairs, purchases of property, procurement of design services and execution of works.
  • - opens the funding approved by M.E.N. for Treasury investment activity.
  • - performs measurements and assessments to start less complex repairs in overhead or with a third party.
  • - procures direct order acquisitions for evaluation services, cadastral documentation, design services and execution works.
  • - draws up the necessary documentation on the procurement of design and works for Procurement Directorate.
  • - engages in the technical-financial bids handed in by bidders – designers and entrepreneurs, at the Procurement Directorate in view of the essential requirements concerning construction quality.
  • - follows the design contracts and draws up proposals for employment expenses, payment commitments and authorizes payments related to the compartment activity.
  • - obtains permits and authorizations necessary for the investments.
  • - keeps records on real estate patrimony, constructed spaces, land users and their distribution, their legal situation.
  • - schedules and conducts patromony revaluation.
  • - is responsible for drawing up documents attesting the fulfillment of contractual obligations by suppliers and sends them to register for A.N.R.M.A.P.

Investment Monitoring Compartment

The activity of the department is the supervision of the execution of investment works by project supervisors authorized by the State Inspectorate in Constructions, for construction category, the importance specified in projects and areas that contain all categories of work necessary to achieve the objectives. The supervision of works execution is carried out in the context of Law 10/1995 on construction quality and its implementing regulations.

  • project supervisors are the representativesof UCV by law for the verification of the correct execution of construction works and settlement.
  • monitors the work of execution and settlement, while respecting works contracts, physical graphs and established values in accordance with the technical execution projects and offers technical – economical offers.
  • 11
  • notify entrepreneurs in all situations which do not comply with the provisions mentioned in the preceding paragraph and related penalties calculated in accordance with contractual provisions and communicate them in order to receive theim from the Economic Directorate.
  •  checks and responds for framing settlement in the Bill of Quantities recovered after the auction works andafter it is approved.
  •  prepares reports to M.E.N. on monitoring of settlements in capital expenditures (investments).
  • prepares the quarterly statistics for I.N.S. targeting investment activity.
  • engaged in the checking of technical and financial bids submitted by bidders
  • designers and entrepreneurs at the Procurement Directorate in order to meet the essential requirements concerning construction quality.
  •  responsible for drawing up documents attesting the fulfillment of contractual obligations of contractors and sending them to register for A.N.R.M.A.P.

Heritage Maintenance and Repair Service

S.I.R.P. is divided into five sections as follows:
• 1. Compartment – Architecture repairs
• 2. Compartment – Facilities Repair
• 3. Compartment - Mechanical
• 4. Compartment – Measurements and assessments
• 5. Compartment – IT
• 6. Compartment – Electric

Through them they ensure the good development of the maintenance and repair of direct labor, in buildings owned by the University of Craiova, representing works of this type - materials costs, also of  -IT- activities: design and maintenance of networks/servers, -IT- equipment repair and maintenance, software installation packages (operating systems, drivers, specific applications, electronic programmes, antivirus programmes), recovery operations/data migration, repair of electrical and electronic equipment, air conditioning appliances, repairs and maintenance for networks and land and mobile lines. S.I.R.P. is responsible for:

  • execution of measurements, preparation of drawings, of the right in the assignment or NL indicator estimated norms, the necessary materials and labor to determine the time of execution of each work.
  • execution in accordance with legislation of maintenance and repair overwork, tracking of material and quality of work, drafting the report related to the accounting documents of work and decrease in materials management.
  • the design and maintenance of networks/servers, IT equipment repair and maintenance, software installation packages (operating systems, drivers, specific applications, electronic programmes, antivirus programmes), recovery operations/data migration, repair electrical and electronic equipment, air conditioning, networks repair and maintenance and landa and mobile lines, compiling the necessary documentation for the purchase of services, following the development of resulting contracts.
  •  responds payments made within the service to comply with contractual provisions or the shortcuts.
  • sends to the Procurement Directorate situation of the performance of contracts by suppliers, to transmit further to A.N.R.M.A.P.
  •  responsible for making all statements required by the management of the University and other authorities regarding activity in the service.

Heritage Inventory Bureau 

  • organizes and coordinates the annual inventory of all assets and seeks to capitalize the  results in accounting.
  • instructs all the inventory committees, drawns up procedures for inventory and makes them available to them.
  • instructs all property managers within the institution, prepares the receipt methodologies, storage, supply and inventory of assets and makes them available to them.
  • organizes the activity of cassation and downgrading goods, centralizes proposals on cassation after their approval by the management and MECTS, aims at their actual dismantling (except the electrical and electronic devices that are not composed of materials that can be capitalized) and the recording in the accounting of the fixed assets scrapped and recoverable materials.
  • responsible for waste/ recoverable materials management resulting from the cassation or the decommissioning and scrapping buildings (with the consolidation, modernization, rehabilitation, repairs) and their capitalization only by authorized companies that have contracts with the institution, or following proceedings sales by auction.
  • manages the database on goods that are functional but no longer used by the current owners and handles their  redistribution within the institution and if there are no internal stresses, organizes and coordinates the transfer without payment thereof;
  • conclusion of contracts on renting spaces and monitoring of the compliance with contractual terms;


Car Park Compartment

  • ensures the maintenance of transport equipment running constantly through technical revisions required and necessary repairs when needed;
  • monitors compliance with travel routes, location of every vehicle parked approved, medical visits and psychological tests for drivers;
  • prepares the necessary documentation of purchase maintenance services, repairs, car insurance, mandatory fees for the entire fleet and pursues the ensuing contracts;
  • manages and monitors fuel vouchers and follows the classification of each vehicle in its normal consumption, based on the roadmaps completed by all drivers;
  • keeps the track of the means of transport and ensures the achievement of personal or material transport, by own means, and leased ones so for the requests approved by management to be resolved;
  • prepares proposals for employment expenses, commitments’ payment and authorizing payment related to the department activity.