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Strategic Plan 2020 -2024


The University of Craiova shares the values and the principles stipulated by the Lima Declaration on Academic Freedom and Autonomy of Higher Education Institutions (1988) as well as those endorsed by The Magna Charta of the European Universities (Bologna, 1988). It is a member of the Association of the EuropeanUniversities, the International Association of Universities and Francophone University Agency (AUF).

This Strategic plan 2020 – 2024 is based upon the Lisbon Strategy, The National Reform Programme, the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation II (PNCDI-II) and the Seventh Framework Programme (PC 7).




The University of Craiova is a basic unit of higher education, an essential component of the educational system and, at the same time, a high standing institution in the contemporary society. It acquires, processes and transfers an impressive amount of information, providing the youth with specific knowledge that shapes their lives and their social role.

The University of Craiova can be considered a generator of knowledge and competences well adjusted to the realities of modern society. For this purpose, the University of Craiova has undertaken responsibility for this mission over the years, contributing to the development of national science and culture, to the preservation and transmission of the values of our culture and civilisation, to the training and development of highly qualified human resources, to the integration of Romanian scientific contributions to the development of universal science.

The University of Craiova seeks to achieve these fundamental goals:


Academic/ Education:

  • To provide training programmes of excellence, adjusted not only to the current realities, but also to the development of Romania and its contribution to European cohesion and mobility;

  • To provide tailor-made strategies of professional development and training, including internships, designed with the contribution of and in interaction with potential beneficiaries;

  • To develop a system of distance training and learning, for those intending to build on their professional development and personal growth, but experiencing temporarily reduced geographical mobility and availability (caused by infrastructure-related problems or imposed by professional or personal duties);

  • To develop continuing professional training and to stimulate lifelong learning, in accordance with the social dynamics and the Romanian and European economic environment;

  • To strengthen the policies of promoting equal opportunities and of exploitation of the students’ individual and collective potential;

  • To strengthen the attitude of public accountability regarding the quality of education and training programmes;

  • To emphasise one particular aspect of the University public accountability: prompt and coherent response to the demands of the labour market, development of social cohesion through employability enhancement (insertion rate) of the graduates from the 3 cycles to an ever diversified and changing market in the context of the economic and financial crisis.


For the full text of the Strategic Plan of the University of Craiova, click (aici).

University of Craiova - 2020-2024 Strategy (aici).