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Students Organisation of the Faculty of Physics, Craiova

It was founded in 2003 by a group of young students at the Faculty of Physics. Its main purpose is to defend and support the interests of the students at the Faculty of Exact Sciences – the Physics Department, the University of Craiova. Our association is a member of the main international and national federal forms of its kind: IAPS (International Association of Physics Students), FSRF (The Federation of Romanian Physics Students), UNSR (the National Union of Students in Romania), VOLUM (the Federation Volum-volunteering).

Even since its foundation, the association has got involved in projects for students, environment and social projects. Since 2009, the first project has been implemented through the Programme Young People in Action, Speak OUT!; in 2009 we also started to collaborate with WWF Romania in order to organize the event The Earth Hour in Craiova (a project organized in 2009, 2010 and 2011) and with the More Green Association in order to organize the project “Romania Grows Roots” – planting trees in the town of Dăbuleni.

During the next period, our association became the coordinating NGO for the Dolj County within the project “Let’s Do It, Romania!”, implemented by the EcoAssist Association in Romania in 2010. Subsequently, ASFFC became a committed partner in this intense activity, by yearly taking part both in the organizing process, and with volunteers, in the cleaning day.

In 2011, ASFFC was a partner in the organization of a Career Fair in Craiova. We also became partners of some TIA projects, Sport for Tolerance, with the Association of Oltenia Supporters. In relation to our physics studies, together with the Association of Physics Students – the University of Bucharest – and the Association of Students at the Faculty of Physics in Timişoara, we organized the Pentagon of Physics Faculties, a project which had last taken place in 1987. Moreover, in order to vulgarise science, particularly physics, we organized a camp at the seaside (TAFI 1), targeted at high school students with good results in the physics, mathematics, informatics, astronomy and astrophysics Olympiads.

In 2012, we started developing international projects with partners from Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria and Latvia within the programme “Young People in Action”, such as “Volunteer Service”, “Let’s Break the Wall of Prejudices”, “Green Olympics”, projects aimed at volunteering, social inclusion, fighting prejudice and debating environmental problems.

The movement “Earth Hour” has been started again in Craiova this year, the event being very popular. We also continue to develop the programme “Young People in Action” within our NGO, by implementing the project “Cultural Mark”, an international project with partners such as Bulgaria, Turkey and Hungary.






Tutunaru Robert

Presedinte ASFFC


Ionescu Alina

Vicepresedinte ASFFC


Tanasie Cristina 

 Vicepresedinte ASFFC