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Rector’s Address

The University of Craiova is the most important source of knowledge, creativity, and innovation from the region. The innovation effect, which it has to produce for the community and for the Euro-region is one of the main institutional objectives. Our university will become a strategic point of the regional economy and promoter of the competitive, participative, inclusive economy principles. 

The University of Craiova is built on and implicitly is the warrant of some cultural, moral scientific and modern educational values. Therefore, we have the mission to inspire the community for building a healthy society, on the grounds of an extremely performing education. Our institution itself was created by visionary personalities, who understood the necessity to found a fortress of science here, a pole of intelligent increase and of attractiveness in the community virtue.

The academic community of Craiova – students, academics, researchers, auxiliary staff – also represents the most important resource of our institution. Through them, through everyone’s seriousness, professionalism and involvement, our university will achieve its epistemological objectives, but it will also represent the most pertinent argument for democracy and its values.    

Professor Cezar Spînu, PhD

Rector of the University of Craiova