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University of Craiova Charter




The University of Craiova shall assume the following elements as guidelines for its mission:

  • the advancement and transfer of knowledge to the society through advanced learning and scientific research;
  • high standing initial and continuing education for specialists to be able to meet the demands of the socio-economic environment, through professional insertion;
  • initial and continuing education for the teaching staff;
  • contribution to the advancement of fundamental and applied sciences through research, innovation and technological transfer;
  • the personal development of its students towards individual and collective creativity;
  • the promotion of the free exchange of ideas and critical thinking;
  • the promotion of European values in the scientific, cultural and educational domains, through international academic cooperation.







The objectives of the University of Craiova run as following:

  • to ensure the highest standards of its scientific research and educational process;

  • to maintain the educational offer in keeping with the demands of the society and its predictable evolution;

  • to promote flexible study programmes, which can generate skills and competences that can be used on the job and in the society, in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework;

  • to manage the human and material resources in a cost-eefective way;

  • to support individual excellence;

  • to participate in excellence programmes in research and education;

  • to maintain a high level of professional insertion of its graduate students, through the development of consultative bodies, which may include representatives of the economic area and personalities of the external academic, cultural and professional environment;

  • to permanently improve the international relevance of the institution, through the efficient dissemination of its scientific research and participation in European academic programmes;

  • to assume the role of a national pole of science, culture and education;

  • to promote initiatives in the fields of academic management and scientific research.



For the full text of the University of Craiova Charter, click (here).