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Lifelong Learning Programme

Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission enables people at all stages of their lives to take part in stimulating the learning experience and also contribute to the development of education and training in Europe.

With a budget of nearly € 7 billion for 2007-2013, LLP supports a range of actions, respectively exchanges, study visits and social activities. The projects are aimed not only at individual students and learners, but also teachers, trainers and others involved in education and training.


There are four sub-types which finance projects at different levels of education and training:

Other projects in the fields that are relevant to all levels of education, such as foreign language learning, information and communications technology, cooperation in the politics field and dissemination and exploitation of project results are funded through the “transverse” part of the LLP programme.

In addition, the program includes Jean Monnet actions which stimulate teaching, reflection and debate on European integration, involving higher education institutions worldwide.

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You can find more information on the Agency website Agenției Naționale pentru Programe Comunitare în Domeniul Educației și Formării Profesionale .