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Rebirth and resize: 1990-2013

Since 1990, a new phase of the University of Craiova was outlined, characterized in particular by: an increase in the autonomy of the administrative structure and the reorganization of the academic community through the establishment of new faculties and specializations, the computerization of the educational process and the modernization of laboratories through a rapid integration into the international academic circuit.

Starting from the requirements of the reorganization of higher education in new social and historical conditions, the University of Craiova has outlined a strategy and its own program of reform, especially targeted towards:

    • restructuring the polytechnic and economic education to adapt specializations to the characteristics of the economic developments of our country;
    • developing the short-term education (through the establishment of colleges) and its expansion under the aegis of the University, to other counties of Oltenia;
    • supporting and introducing specializations taught in foreign languages and teaching and designing disciplines programs in accordance with the requirements of European education;
    • changing , in perspective, the curriculum by restructuring its modules;
    • diversifying postgraduate education, through DEA studies, master and doctorate;
    • rethinking the methods of evaluation of the students’ knowledge by introducing weight marking and grid based evaluation. In 1996 a regulation of the functioning of the credit transfer system (ECTS) was formulated and, since 1998, the faculties have completed their own syllabus.

The first notable change in the composition of the University was registered on December 1, 1991 when the Faculty of Law was founded (initially, it operated as part of the Faculty of Letters and History). The following year, in 1992, the Faculty of Theology was born, and after three years, in 1995 and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport was added.

Short-term education was inaugurated by the foundation in 1991, of the Technical University College of Informatics and Administration, and the Technical University College of Economy and Administration in Drobeta-Turnu Severin. Subsequently, the colleges have gone into liquidation and were disbanded. By Law no. 119 / 06.05.1998, in the academic year 1998-1999, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova was constituted, resulting from the separation of the Faculty of Medicine of our University.

Thereafter, H.G. no. 194 of February 7, 2000 legitimized the operation of two new faculties: the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of History, Philosophy, Geography, following the reorganization of the Faculty of Letters and History, which was dissolved. The same legal procedure was applied for the Faculty of Science, whose majors were grouped together, and the Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Physics were created. With the emergence of these faculties and other reorganizations of the University of Craiova, the following members of the academic community resulted, registered in the academic year 2006-2007 (structured by the profile of the specializations):


  1. Faculty of Agriculture;

  2. Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics;

  3. Faculty of Chemistry; 

  4. Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, “Nicolae Titulescu”

  5. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration; 

  6. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport; 

  7. Faculty of Electrical Engineering; 

  8. Faculty of Physics;

  9. Faculty of Horticulture; 

  10. Faculty of Engineering in Electromechanics, Environment and Industrial Informatics; 

  11. Faculty of History, Philosophy, Geography; 

  12. Faculty of Letters; 

  13. Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics;

  14.  Faculty of Mechanics;

  15. Faculty of Theology; 

  16. Faculty of Engineering and Technological Systems Management, Dr. Turnu Severin;

  17. Drobeta Turnu Severin University Centre.

Also, many centers and departments under the aegis of some faculties functioned within the institution.

On October 1, 2011, the University of Craiova reconfigured its structure, adapting to the new provisions of the National Education Law No. 1/2011. Thus, the current structure of the University of Craiova comprises 11 faculties:


  1. Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture,

  2. Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics,

  3. Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences,

  4. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,

  5. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport,

  6. Faculty of Electrical Engineering,

  7. Faculty of Letters,

  8. Faculty of Mechanics,

  9. Faculty of Exact Sciences,

  10. Faculty of Social Sciences,

  11. Faculty of Theology, History and Education Science.

Two departments are also part of the University of Craiova’s structure:

  1. Applied Foreign Languages

  2. Applied mathematics


(Source: Monograph of the University of Craiova, 2008, Universitaria Printing House, Beladi Printing House, coordinated by: VLADIMIRESCU, ION; OTOVESCU, DUMITRU)