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Completed Projects

Cultural Mark 12-20th April 2013

Between 12-20th April 2013, the Association of Students at the Faculty of Physics in Craiova (ASFFC) ran the project “Cultural Mark”, financed by the European Commission through the programme “Young People in Action”, Activity 1.1 – Young People Exchanges; 34 young people took part in the programme: from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.

This project is based on the idea that entrepreneurship means more than business. The definition of entrepreneurship is a process through which individuals identify opportunities, invest resources and create values. This creation often takes place by identifying needs or opportunities for change.

The general objective is to develop innovation and communication (both verbally and body language); the forming of a positive attitude to the target group; the importance and building of trust; long-term development; proposing to young people to make from entrepreneurship a career option.

The methods used are: name games; intercultural, energetic games; debates; public debates; interviews; experimental learning; reflection groups; brainstorming; strategic thinking; active workshops.