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Hostels and Canteens

  • Hostels and Canteens Service


    • Description

    Hostels-Canteens service is designed for solving students’ problems and managing other specific activities of the University of Craiova.

    Hostels-Canteens Sevice is responsible for ensuring the living conditions of students and has the following responsibilities:

    1. manages hostels, cafeterias and university laundry;
    2. keeps track of accommodated students and coordinates the determination and collection of hostel administration approved by the Board of Directors of the University and take measures of debt recovery;
    3. deals with provision, as required,of cleaning materials and repairing materials in the quantities provided as necessary, of hostels, canteens and laundry room and folows the  judicious use of distributed materials of any kind;
    4. responsible for cleanliness and operation of utility facilities provided by the hostels, canteens and laundry room;
    5. draws up papers necessary for the conduct of proceedings procurement for works of sanitation of premises, waste collection, pest control, exterminating, services security, repairs to plumbing, electrical, heating and building repairs;
    6. make proposals regarding necessary repairs during the summer for hostels, canteens and laundry room;
    7. ensures the preparation of accommodation in order to obtain sanitary operation authorizations for all the hostels, canteens and the laundry room;
    8. responds through administrators for the good management of the administrated assets and ensures the management of the accommodation to ensure minimum costs/ accommodation place throughout the academic year;
    9. working with committees of student of the hostels for the conduct the optimum conditions of the accommodation and the solving of the problems as soon as possible and as they occur during the academic year;
    10. răspunde de respectarea reglementărilor interne privind evidenţa şi raportarea numarului de studenţi din cămine, de acurateţea informaţiilor furnizate
    11. supervising the lease agreements signed with students, staff or auxiliary staff of the insititution, pursuing revenue making and cashing the value of the damaged goods found missing or damaged;
    12. participating in the student accommodation in hostels at the beginning of the academic year, ensuring transparency;
    13. supervising the internal rules on record keeping and reporting the number of students in hostels, the accuracy of the provided information


    • Regulations

    Regulation on the Organization and Functioning of Hostels and Canteens – ROFCC (pdf)


    • Structure

    The Hostels and Canteens Service is organized as follows:

    Head of the Hostels and Canteens Service – Emil Ionuţ Staicu Engineer

    Telephone: 0754028223


    The Hostels and Canteens Service has the following divisions:

    1. Personnel Record Keeping and Secretariat Compartment – Daniela Prodoiu Engineer


    2. Services Payment, Billing, Authorization Compartment – Sandu Maria Engineer


    3. Logistics and Supply Compartment – Viorel Constantinescu Economist


    4. Internet and telecommunications Compartment– Cristian Călin Engineer


    5. Hostels and Canteens Administration Compartment – Hostels Administrators (the list can be found in contact_camine.doc, a link to Campus – Canteens Locations and Programme or to the Detailed List can be added)


    • Contact

    Hostels and Canteens Service Office

    Telephone-Fax: 0251 411751