The Department of Applied Mathematics (DAM) was established as an autonomous department within the University of Craiova, directly subordinated to the Rector, by the decision of the Senate in June 2001, based on Art . 56 (3) of the Law of Education in order to solve major problems:  

  • improvement of the organization of mathematical teaching activities at several faculties having non-mathematical specializations; 
  • achievement of the best possible universitary autonomy from the financial point of view. 

By setting up this department it is expected to increase the efficiency of the collaboration between mathematicians and specialists in other fields that use mathematics. DAM provides the organizational framework in which they can shape future mathematicians who want to put the instrument in the service of solving mathematical problems raised by the practice.

 The beneficiaries  are:

The activities of DAM are coordinated by a Department Council, in accordance with the Rules of Organization and Operation approved by the University of Craiova. 


The members of the Department Council are: 

  • Director of DAM,  Associate Professor PhD. Dana Constantinescu  
  • Associate Professor PhD.  Cristian Vladimirescu
  • Lecturer  PhD. Florian Munteanu

Education Commission is represented by:

  • Associate Professor PhD. Cristian Vladimirescu
  • Associate Professor PhD. Luminita Grecu
  • Lecturer PhD. Liliana Bucur
  • Lecturer PhD. Aurelia Florea

Research Commissionis represented by:

  • Professor PhD. Paul Popescu
  • Associate Professor PhD.  Marcela Popescu
  • Associate Professor PhD.  Maria-Magdalena Boureanu
  • Lecturer  PhD. George Popescu

Commission  for Image and International Relations  is represented by:

  • Associate Professor PhD.  Cristian Vladimirescu
  • Associate Professor PhD. Mihaela Racila
  • Lecturer  PhD. Adela Ionescu

Commission for Administrative and Social Problems is represented by:

  • Lecturer  PhD. Florian Munteanu
  • Lecturer  PhD. Catalin Şterbeţi
  • Lecturer  PhD. Cristian Danet
  • Lecturer  PhD. Dumitru Bala