Academic DepartmentsDepartment of Applied MathematicsDescriptionEducation Process and Education Offer


DMA runs a great variety of educational activities:

1. Math Courses with:

-  theoretic purpose

-  highly applicative purpose

-  highly teaching purpose

These course are dedicated to students from faculties that DMA is serving, namely courses in Algebra, Linear Algebra Analytic and Differential Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Special Chapters of Mathematics, Differential Equations, Statistics, Numerical Calculus, Numerical Methods for Engineers, Operational Research, Editing in Specialized Languages, Producing a public relation product using a computer, Computer editing, Mathematics applied in Biology, mathematics applied in Economy, Mathematics for Cadaster, Mathematics – Elementary education and Preschool, Teaching methodology for Mathematics, Teaching methodology for Arithmetics.   


2.  Special Courses for master students, Optimization Methods in Electrical Engineering;


3. Supplementary Lectures (weekly) to help students from the Ist year who have difficulties in understanding maths courses, and bring these students up to adequate level, lectures are covered by department members alternatively ;


4. Help Sessions / training students for exams (weekly, but also during exams session);


5. Preparing courses for students contests, national Contest Traian Lalescu;


6. Activities for preparing students to participate to local or national scientific or educational  conferences;


7. Activities for preparing students asking for support  to accomplish studies, papers, books, communications, for scientific or educational purpose;


8. Weekly preparing sessions for high school students, our future students, for baccalaureate exam, in Dolj county, as well as in neighboring counties;


9. Activities coordinating bachelor’s degree, for full time students as well as for faculty  de la Conversie? ;


10. Activities as advisors for education rank thesis, in Dolj county as well as neighboring counties;


11. Department members participate in baccalaureate committees, in Dolj county as well as in other counties;


12. Participate in admission committees for some faculties of our University


13. Participate  in commmittees  for  fulltime professional degree or education rank I;


14. Participate to  joint actions or collaboration between our University and School Inspectorate of Dolj county or neighboring counties, as well as activities with schools from Oltenia;


15. Participate to joint activities or collaboration with other  faculties or departments  from our University, mostly with DPPD, PIPP;


16. Participate to skills upgrading activities for preuniversitary faculty  EUROTEACHER type I or II;


17. Participate to continuing education projects for faculty from preuniversitary education system, such as the project EUROCOMP- Center for complementary training of preuniversity faculty, to adapt teaching activities to latest European requirements in education, cod: POSDRU /19/1.3/G/7263, in total value of 1.844.025 lei, during 2009-2011 (in collaboration with  DPPD, and with representatives of  UCV partners, as  ISJ Dolj and CCJRAE Dolj). The goals of this project were improving faculty skills, trainers, mediators and counselors within developing a society based on knowledge, as well as improving didactic activities in preuniversitary system by adapting strategy and methodology to educational requirements imposed by Romania’s integration in European Community; within this project were credited 6 training programs used by over 600 faculty from (school education, preschool, secondary school and high school), several acquisitions were made - 5 laptops, 1 computer with LCD monitor, 1 multi-functional printer, 2 videoprojectors, 2 portable DVDs, 1 video camera, 1 printer and 1 foto camera, an e-learning platform was realized and a conference was organized for regional trainers;


18. Publication of didactic courses mainly for PIPP students, but also to anyone who wishes to deepen these aspects;


19. Publication of studies, materials or  math teaching papers or modelling in this domain or connected domains, in journals from Romania or abroad.

20. Editing teaching materials for better understanding university courses, according to specific proposed goals.

      Courses and seminars offered by DMA are continuously upgraded according to latest requirements from partner faculties, syllabus, economic agents.