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The University of Craiova is organized into 11 faculties and 3 academic departments, one of them is the Department of Aplied Mathematics (DMA Romanian). Department of Applied Mathematics was founded as autonomous academic department of the University of Craiova, directly subordinated to  Rector, by Senate Decision in June 2001, based on art. 56 (3) from Education Law. The purpose of such a department was to:

  • better organize the faculty staff teaching to faculties corresponding to non-mathematical specializations.
  • a better application of university autonomy to financial management.

DMA is covering math courses for the following faculties: Agriculture, Automation Computer and Electronics, Horticulture, Electrical Engineering, Letters, Mechanical Engineering, Sciences. The main goal of the department is to increase the efficiency of collaboration between mathematicians and specialists from other domains. DMA is offering the organizing frame in which future mathematicians may evolve and use maths to solving problems emerged from real life.

The origins of DMA start with the Faculty of Mathematics founded in 1965, later reorganized and included in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, but DMA „history” started mainly in 1991 when the Faculty of Mathematics reorganized into 4 „cathedras” (catedra)  a historical romanian denomination corresponding to a „sub-department” or academic division: Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Geometry, Mathematics Applied in Techniques,  Mathematics Applied in Economy.

The academic division Mathematics Applied in Technique was covering the maths courses for technical faculties as Automation, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and became  a group of mathematicians focused on applied mathematics and on teaching mathematics to engineering faculties.

For about 10 years, 1991 – 2000,  chair of division was prof. Trandafir Bălan, outstanding mathematician (Humbolt fellowship) and professor for about 40 years.

In 2001 the University of Craiova is reorganized into several faculties, each faculty including several departments. Starting with October 1, 2001, the former divisions Mathematics Applied in Technique  and  Mathematics Applied in Economy  becomes Department of Applied Mathematics, as independent department, not included in the Faculty of Mathematics.  Professor Maria Predoi was the director of department from 2001 to 2011. Then the department had more than 30 teaching staff and over 40 positions in the states.

Since October 1, 2011 the University of Craiova again reorganized, and 3 academic departments emerged, as independent departments, one of these is today DMA. Department director - assoc. prof. Romulus Militaru 2011-2015 when he passed away after unfortunate health accident, a great loss for all his colleagues and mathematical community.

The next department director was - assoc. prof. Dana Constantinescu who successfully organized the ICNAMN conference in April 2016, in memoriam of Romulus Militaru, the first conference organized by DMA. Since February 2016 up to present, department director is assoc. prof. Cristian Vladimirescu.

Nowadays, DMA is covering the math courses for all enginnering faculties – ACE (automation, computer and elctronics), IE (electrical engineering), ME (mechanical engineering) Faculty of Sciences (for depart.of Chemistry and depart of Physics), Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Horticulture.

DMA members since 1991 when division of Mathematics Applied in Technique was founded: Trandafir Bălan, Virgil Bălan,  Ion Badea, Dumitru Bălă, Ion Bărbulescu, Magdalena Boureanu, Liliana Bucur, Ion Cojocaru, Dana Constantinescu, Cristian Dăneţ, Aurel Diamandescu, Aurelia Florea, Rodica Gherman, Luminiţa Grecu, Adela Ionescu, Marian Ivanovici, Oprea Jitianu, Liliana Logofetescu, Leontin Nicolescu, Marin Nisipeanu, Mariana Popa, Mihaela Racilă, Rădescu Nicolae, Rădescu Eugenia, Militaru Romulus, Florian Munteanu, Constantin Pătrăsşoiu, George Popescu, Marcela Popescu, Paul Popescu, Maria Predoi, Vasile Seleacu, Marius-Marinel Stănescu, Liliana Stoica, Traian Şurtea, Cătălin Şterbeţi, Laurenţiu Temereancă, Veronica Teodorescu, Gheorghe Ţiganilă, George Turcitu, Cristian Vladimirescu.

Outstanding professors who gaves courses for DMA: Prof. George Vraciu – Dean of the Faculty of Nature Sciences (1976-1984) and manager of the football team Universitatea Craiova (1978-1980), Prof. Petre Stavre - PhD Supervisor in Differential Geometry until 2005, Prof. Ion Vladimirescu – Vicerector of the University of Craiova (1996-2004) and Rector of the University of Craiova (2004-2012).