Academic DepartmentsDepartment of Applied MathematicsDescriptionOrganization and Functioning of the Department


DMA activities are coordinated by Professoral Council, according with the Organizing and Functioning Regulations approved by the University of Craiova Senate. 

Professoral Council:


  •  DMA Director: Cristian Vladimirescu
  •  Prof.  Paul Popescu
  •  Assist. Prof. Florian Munteanu


Education Committee:

  •  Assoc. Prof.  Marcela Popescu
  •  Assoc. Prof.  Luminiţa Grecu
  •  Assist. Prof.  Maria-Liliana Bucur
  •  Assist. Prof.  Aurelia Florea


Scientific Research Committee:

  •  Prof.  Paul Popescu
  •  Assoc. Prof.   Mihaela Racilă
  •  Assoc. Prof.   Marcela Popescu
  •  Assoc. Prof.   Constanţa Dana Constantinescu
  •  Assoc Prof.   Maria-Magdalena Boureanu


Image and International Relations Committee:

  •  Assoc Prof.   Constanţa Dana Constantinescu
  •  Assoc Prof.   Mihaela Racilă
  •  Assist. Prof. Adela Janeta Ionescu
  •  Assist. Prof. George Popescu


Organizing and Social Problems Committee:

  •  Assist. Prof. Florian Munteanu
  •  Assist. Prof. Cătălin Şterbeţi
  •  Assist. Prof. Cristian-Paul Dăneţ
  •  Assist. Prof. Dumitru Bălă


DMA has three offices, two in the central building of the University of Craiova,  rooms 303 şi 438 and one office in Automation Computer and Electronics building.

Room 303 was the main DMA office, until renovations started to that part of the central building.

Room 438, now called Romulus Militaru Room, was inaugurated in Fall 2013, as an office for scientific research and information. It is now used as main DMA office until renovations will be finished. This room has a rich library, office desks, computing equipment and archive, storage space. 




The office in ACE building is situated at the first floor and has an office desk and an archive, storage closet.