Departamente OperaționaleThe Department of Public Relations and Academic Image

The Department of Public Relations and Academic Image


General objectives:

a) the promotion of a strategy for presenting the mission, objectives and performance of the University;

b) raising the awareness of the general public in the country and abroad, regarding the conditions of study and research offered by the University;

c) promoting the quality standards of the academic community’s activities as a guarantee of performance in education and research;

d) promoting the University’s educational, scientific, cultural values and traditions;

e) promoting individual excellence by presenting the achievements of the outstanding academics of the University;

f) presenting the international relationships between the University and the offer of academic cooperation with similar institutions abroad.


General objectives:Specific objectives:

The Department of Public Relations and Academic Image Department:

  • ensures an honest and steady relationship with the media by providing them public information and of media interest;
  • helps organize and conduct press conferences held by authorized representatives of the university management;
  • drafts press releases and information while ensuring its dissemination to the mass-media;
  • develops and updates the media agenda of the rector and of the vice-rectors;
  • provides daily monitoring of the media;
  • ensures and updates the information disseminated on the website of the university
  • proposes and supports the development of events, actions of social, economic and media impact targeting potential candidates, students, businesses, to maintain and develop the current image of the university.