The Department of Students’ Support –  DPSS→Objectives

  • DPSS’s general objectives:

    • Supporting social cultural and sports events organized by students;
    • Collaborating with legally established students organizations of the university to reflect and solve social problems;
    • Collaborating with university students organizations by drafting and the enforcement of codes and regulations relating to students;
    • Involving existing student organizations at the university level in carrying out accommodation in student dormitories, in organizing student camps, scholarships and other forms of social support for students, monitoring the compliance with the code of rights and obligations of the student.


    DPSS’s specific objectives:

    • participating in drafting a Code of the student’s rights and obligations of the University of Craiova, according to Art. 34 and Art. 126, paragraph (1) of the UCV Charter;
    • tracking the compliance of the rights and obligations of the student, through the Permanent Committee for Monitoring the Compliance with the Code of the Student’s Rights and Obligations;
    • supporting the establishment within the UCV of student clubs, circles, workshops, arts and sports groups, cultural and educational magazines, according to Art. 126, paragraph (3) of the UCV Charter;
    • participating in the development of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of student hostels and canteens, with the involvement of university’s student organizations in the organization and performance of accommodation in student dormitories;
    • supporting the university’s student organizations involved in volunteering;
    • involvement in the efficient running of social programs addressed to students through the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport for granting student camps, social grants and other programs proposed by MECTS for financial support for certain categories of students;
    • logistics and material support of cultural and educational activities organized by students through student organizations legally established at the university;
    • providing support and advice to students for solving social problems and collaboration with other representatives of the university and faculty in dealing with the students’ social problems.