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TRANSLATIO Translation Centre

Specific activities

  • Organizing, coordinating and monitoring/verifying the translation of official documents and of presentation of the University of Craiova, presention documents of the faculties of the university’s website and the websites of the faculties and the translation of the materials requested by the external environment of the University of Craiova, under a service contract.
  • Translation advice for the entities of the University of Craiova and monitoring of the translation of the presentation and/or promotional materials.
  • Providing simultaneous translation work for the activities and events organized by the UCV and activities organized by the University of Craiova entities or by the external environment for the latter two, under a service contract.
  • Developing and implementing editorial policy of translations of books and reference works in various specialty areas to provide scientific visibility of the University of Craiova.
  • Organizing courses for the development of communicative competences in foreign languages and for translation competences for the teaching and administrative staff of the University of Craiova, as well as for other categories of beneficiaries, under a service contract.