The Department of Publications and Media

General presentation

DEP reports to the Vice-rector for International Relations and Academic Image
DEP has an informative and formative complex. The Department of Publications and Media’s mission is to multimodaly promote all the activities of the University of Craiova’s publications and other media, thereby shaping the University of Craiova brand and making it visible nationally and abroad.

DEP conceives, prepares and concludes the promotional materials of the University of Craiova, with the duty of developing the style, the standards and the procedures for drafting and reviewing promotional materials/academic marketing, written and in electronic format. The following are defined as used publications and media: publications, the republication or the revised publication of previous publications (the UCV monograph, the booklet presenting the UCV, the UCV admissions brochure etc.); publications produced by means of desktop publishing (including regular information bulletins and documentaries); printed promotional and other merchandising articles; commercials, short films, documentaries; presentation folders, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards; CDs, DVDs and the UCV; websites; events; direct marketing.

General and specific objectives

  • Optimizing the presentation and promotion of the University of Craiova through publications and integrative media and defining the visual standards of ensuring the publications’ coherence – in Romanian, English and other international languages ​​– and respecting the internal and external brand of the University of Craiova;
  • Promoting the mission, the vision and the values ​​of the University of Craiova, of the educational offer and of the research, development and innovation potential held by the University of Craiova;
  • Participating according to the protocol, in the organization and/or the events and actions from the University of Craiova by providing translation, the linguistic revision of the documents in foreign languages, through inspection and commissioning of equipment, by providing technical support during the event.