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  • Employers’s questionnaires
  • Questionnaires for the eveluations of internships – students 
  • Questionnaire – before the internship (pdf)
  • Questionnaire – after the internship (pdf)
  • Questionnaires for the evaluation of the internship – employers (pdf
  • The results of the questionnaires applied at the faculty level

-     Faculty of Exact Sciences (pdf);

-     Faculty of Letters (pdf);

-     Faculty of Law (pdf);

-     Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (pdf);

-     Faculty of Social Sciences (pdf);

-     Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (pdf);

-     Faculty of Orthodox Theology (pdf);

-     Faculty of Mechanics (pdf);

-     Faculty of Electric Engineering (pdf);

-     Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics (pdf);

-     Faculty of Agriculture (pdf);

-     Faculty of Horticulture (pdf).