ResearchOrganizationDepartment of Research and Project Management Strategy


The strategy of scientific research responds to the mission and objectives of the University of Craiova regarding scientific research, innovation and technology transfer as defined by the Carta of the University and fits to the national strategy in the research field and in the European context.

The scientific research strategy is developed by the Scientific Research Council and is approved by the University Senate. The management of scientific research at the University of Craiova is provided by the Department for research and programme management, subordinated to the vice-rector in charge with scientific research and relations with the economic environment. The normative and methodological, functional, operational and financial frame in which are made the policies in the field are determined by “Rules of organization and coordination of scientific research at the University of Craiova”.

Scientific research strategy regards:

• the definition of the objectives in the research field, innovation and technological development;

• the provision of a basis for establishing, implementing, evaluating and updating the policies in this field;

• encouraging the development of the partnership between the institution and socio-economic environment, both nationally and internationally;

• the development of the human resources prepared for scientific research;

• involving the University of Craiova in as many complex research projects with effect in he enrichment and modernization of research infrastructure in key areas of interest defined by national and European strategies;

• the creation of a favorable environment for scientific research valorization of their staff through a large number of publications that contribute to the affirmation of the institution and increases its international visibility.


General policy objectives of the research activity

To fulfil the mission of the university as a research and education institution, the research component has the following general policy objectives: (details)