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The University of Craiova is a higher education institution which, by its assumed mission, aims to contribute to the advancement of fundamental and applied sciences through scientific research, innovation and technology transfer.

From the organizational, functional and financial point of view, the scientific research is organized on the principle of the university autonomy. The content of scientific autonomy, rights and obligations arising under this principle are as defined in the Charter of the University of Craiova.

The entire activity of university research is based on the National Education Law no. 1/2011, Law 319/2003 regarding the status of research and development staff, the University Code of Ethics and Conduct (Law 206/2004) and the Charter of the University of Craiova.

Norms relating to the establishment and use of the fund to support scientific research (pdf).

Research staff

In the actual research activities carried out in the laboratories of the University of Craiova can participate academics, researchers, auxiliary staff, and students, and also other specialists from the country and abroad included in the research groups.

Permanent teachers or associates conduct scientific research in accordance with the Education Law, the Charter of the University of Craiova and the obligations arising from the job they have.

In the research may be engaged also staff with tasks exclusively of scientific research on separate positions. The research positions will be created in accordance with the Charter of the University of Craiova and Status of Research and Development Staff. These positions will be filled by present staff or associates, including students at all educational levels, with the employment contract of definite or indefinite period, as required by law.

An important component of scientific research is realized within the doctoral schools organized within the institution. Doctoral supervisors, teaching associates, and students enrolled in the IOSUD activity at the University of Craiova are part of the research staff of the institution. Their work is regulated by the Doctoral studies code, the University Charter and IOSUD Rules.

Staff research activity at the University of Craiova is assessed periodically, at intervals (details).