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Summer courses

Taking into consideration that many scholars and students are interested in the Romanian language, culture, and civilization, the University of Craiova organizes, between 14 July-2 August 2014 The International Summer Courses.
These courses are open to all specialists in Romanian or Romance languages, and to all those who are interested in our language, culture and civilization.
In the language teaching section, the courses are at three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
The participants follow an intensive teaching programme of 20 hours weekly, from 830 – 1230.
Statements, discussions and applications are to be held between 1230 – 1330 on the following:

  • The Present Difficulties in Contemporary Literary Romanian;
  • Representative Romanian Writers;
  • Important Moments in Romanian History;

Workshops for translators could be organised on request.
All the participants are asked to prepare themselves for the show- contest – „All Nations: - poetry, singing and playing music, national dancing-contest, stage acting.