Education Education Competitions for Teaching and Research Positions Legislative Framework

Legislative Framework


At the University of Craiova teaching and research indefinite positions are occupied by public contest organized in accordance with:

  • The National Education Law, Law 1/2011 (pdf)
  • Law no. 319/2003 regarding the status of research and development (pdf)
  • Government Decision no. 457/2011 approving the competition framework methodology to fill vacant teaching and research positions in higher education (pdf)
  • Government Decision no. 36/2013 amending the competition framework the competition framework methodology (pdf)
  • Its own competition methodology for teaching and research positions at the University of Craiova (pdf)
  • OMECTS 6560/2012 approving the necessary and required minimal standards for conferring academic degrees in higher education and professional degrees in research and development (pdf)
  • OMEN 4204 from 2013 amending the national minimum standards (pdf)